Our signature Club Resort in Mai Khao, Phuket celebrated its fifth anniversary this week! Congratulations to our talented team for all of the happy memories they've helped create since 2013. https://t.co/5bDzLvFQjG https://t.co/QOyp1wSHVB

It's dinnertime at our Mai Khao, Phuket Club Resort! Care for some fresh fish? Photo by sethilucky (IG) https://t.co/4owht4Rsfb

Reach new destinations with Asia Miles. For a limited time, eligible Club Points Owners can earn up to 50% more miles. Learn more: https://t.co/EJJrvN0Jpy https://t.co/uOgE7cH0r2

The next time you find yourself in Koh Samui, let your wild side loose with a day of heart-pumping thrills as you explore the depths of this island sanctuary. https://t.co/AYdncQVzZR https://t.co/pw86Nn37SG

Staring out to sea in Abu Dhabi, feeling the cool sea breeze on your face, it’s sometimes easy to forget the barren enormity of the desert behind you. The cool inviting water may even make you question why you would want to direct your attention to it, ne

Our first Club Points Owner guests checked into our new resort in Legian, Bali earlier this week! It was a pleasure to have them. https://t.co/nBQXhZmRiq

The best memories are meant to be shared. Here are a few of our favourites. Do you have photos or experiences that you would like to share? Submit yours to http://ownerstories.anantaravacationclub.com/en/index.html

Have you discovered the sweeping portfolio of properties that Travily, our latest partnership programme, offers? Eligible Ownership tiers can login and browse destinations at https://t.co/UxmjcB0thq. https://t.co/2vZ0AXH4BK

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