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At Anantara Vacation Club, Seminyak, colourful lotuses are being planted in huge pots and strategically placed as focal points along the path of the resort. Referred as "Padma" in Sanskrit, the lotus is regarded as the king of all flowers referred to as

The lantern lights along the corridor of Anantara Seminyak illuminates the path from the lift to the front of the hotel in a very mystical glow adding a sense of romance to the whole area. #anantaravacationclub #anantaraseminyak #personalised #seminyakhot

The rooms at Anantara Seminyak come with a sizeable balcony for you to relax with your family absorbing the beautiful scenery of the hotel's surrounding. #anantaravacationclub #anantaraseminyak #personalised #seminyakhotel #seminyak #membershiphasitsprivi

If the pool appeals to you more than the sea, the one at Anantara Seminyak is big enough for you and your kids to have a good time. #anantaravacationclub #anantaraseminyak #personalised #seminyakhotel #seminyak #membershiphasitsprivileges #traveltheworld

If you are looking for a good time in Bali being pampered by the hotel that has full excess to the beach but minus the crazy crowd, make sure you check out Anantara Seminyak Resort. Located right on the Seminyak Beach, guest are spoilt for choice when in

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